Kind Mankind~

Kind Mankind~

Kind Mankind~

Left were words skinned from whispers. 

A hole was torn in the distance 

where she buried her loves never said. 

He was something quite else. 

Not even that strange 

but his existence poured into mine. 

The words we spoke were all but superficial. 

Platonic be the state still never catch me 

holding on to promises to others made. 

He was something different yes he walked in 

water and that water quenched a thirst I have 

had for mankind. A wish of sorts that came to be 

all in the form of one man. 

I recollect a never known him before 

and never will maybe again. 

But I would not dare to say. 

It could turn out to be quite detrimental.

Skinned potatoes always do taste bland. 

A goodbye wouldn’t sweeten the bitter 

at the end. It sweetened the bitter at first hand 

when I understood the story would never come 

to a goodbye. Now you’ve saved me from a sight 

of you turning but walking away.

Now I am churning 

poison out of a hearts blister like oceans filled up. 

Stung by your mere existence.

Your name will be mine to always carry 

and in never said goodbyes. 

You saved a tear from dying. 

Salt never sweetened the bitter at the end. 

But I came to understand for those moments 

where I saw the you. 

And I was another ‘you’ 

in the beautiful form of completion. 

Mankind “a boy” true of something 

holding faith in the girls and me as we sing, 

we chant while back to black. 

Our spirits cheerfully whisper 

a sound of never ending tears of joy. 

I bid thee goodbye. 

Thank you for being part of a world 

I believe in.


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