Who owns the space;

That space, that came free with this earth.

Who claimed our stakes?

When something natural turns into a possession.

Who grants these rights of ownership?

Who gets to decide what will happen?

When we bring commercialisation into our public spaces_

The space of the public, communities held in place by the commoners.

Does this influence this ownership and turns publics into a re-cycled-public?

A republic where commoners need commerce to have a say into who gets a piece of the play?

This all reeks of Politics and lobbyists.

When spaces need creation and re-creating to exist.

Where and how do creators find a recreational place to further their ambition for their city and the people who live in and with these matters at play. Who set the rules to the game?

Is it the poverty or the government to blame?

So who gets a say?

So who gets to leave?

Who gets to play?

who gets to stay?

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