Sons of man VS man-made machines

Sons of man VS man-made machines

Created Human

To think, to feel, to be considerate. To sow and reap the harvest of the land to use these man-made hands. To build and repair. To offer comfort in times of despair. To make fire, eat food and drink. To think about the past and learn how to behave in the present and guide life towards a pleasant future. To nurture, to create and be recreated. To encompass the world or that one small place _ where ever you lay your head is home. To be at home in a safe space where life lives and lets live. Under the guise of the sun, under the chills of the moon.

To think and feel a sense of belonging always longing for an answer to your existence. To surpass time and pas the time by working for the self or others. To be useful and important or to live life alone without bothering any other. To be merry and fair. Living life under the pretence that something bigger than you is out there. To know and not know_ question things to have faith and hope Finding ways to believe in something and go forward never backwards. To be here and now never harming man’s kind or any other.

To think and decide what values you hold, what dreams you have_ imagine them. Ponder over a walk and enjoy this nature for it is our nature to behold. To be angry and sad and find peace where you can in _ to express yourself or speak for those who have no voice to speak or write for those who fail to listen. To understand, to try it once again_ if you fail all you had gained was another chance of learning. To meet with kindred spirits and discuss whatever you want with them. To own your own opinion and not let it be outdated for never learning a new thing. That new thing that has the power to change the mind of one or many.

To think and compare_ witness how others are and how you see yourself. To know if you are at home_ if not lost and how then to find your way back_ if not move passed the notion that you are never lost_ you are simply in another place to call home. To be stuck and paused in a thought that lingers on until you find the right answers. Then dare to ask yet another question. To realise hope build on a dream and make it your reality. If you don’t like the outcome draw out another blank page and start this process all over again and again until you get it right.

Life is not just getting it right. Life is an experience too_ one you can do over in a just one moment, To hold conversations or to hold your tongue. Just think and say grace for all you have begotten just for simply being, being here. For every breath is a gift you could never buy yourself. For every day is a present in the present for you to decide and how to spend it. To explore to live and eventually die. For in the last of days at least you can say you have tried.

Created Intelligence

Is built on a dream, the wish to see the future for knowing it is not here today, to outweigh the many. To be programmed to listen and to work according to certain standards & certain rules. To be ruled over by preset,  preprogrammed algorithms that cannot be timed with life. The will to be able to live forever if not in our own body rather implemented in the cells of machinery. Programmed to simply work and work well, with protocols in place that won’t allow for failure.

It has to be smarter than man. Made better, made better than man made itself. Overlooking the fears of humans. Finding ways to make our nature better by replacing it all with glorified metals and systems that can not stand the rain. Taking away from our input it simply implements itself by pretending that we can not live without them, while the truth stand far from this notion. We were already here. Replacing the work of the mind with a one click option. Answers are just a swipe away making us all feel like we are professors. Taking away the chance of learning of putting in some effort.

Effortless living is now the basis on which we stand. While we stand behind them. Working our opinions in the background. To be heard but not seen we dare to voice our own without being personally involved. Photoshopping our face to look like we were born a fairytale. The present future is a harsh reality. We decide only what parts of our lives are likable enough to portray out in the open. We cover up the ugly and bad things we do. We like, block or remove any who choose to have a different opinion for we forgotten how to listen, debate and learn. Every word is being scrutinized and turned into an virtual attack. Even when the body isn’t harmed we get angry for having some one hurt our feelings.

The robotic artificial intelligence will not heed to this sadness. For pre programmed “facts do not care about your feelings” how will we combat this future of individualistic thinking and on the opposite the created species that take no heed to what nourishes our minds. These machines weren’t build to cry. So when we cry out, after they decide that we are the lesser kind, after they reinvented new ways that make us disposable. Many think that machines can be smarter_ Elon Musk said but this is an scary and dumb notion. For they were built by man with restricted minds that just wanted to bring the future to the present not knowing what kind of harm this could bring. And will bring.

Creating our own enemy while we nourish the beginnings of what we think will help us move up ahead. This fusion is toxic.  In fact we are simply turning the page on our own survival. Making us weak and lazy making us disposable. Creating more time on our hands than we know what to do with. Ater the slave trade ended people were too lazy to work the lands themselves. Industries began being born taking over lager parts of our nature and defiling it along the path of its growth.

Technology started seeping in to reduce the cost of produce which increased the cost of living. Along the way many jobs were lost to machines and new implemented structures that counted out the need for man’s placement. Slowly but surely jobs were lost to never be handled by man again. We are simply repeating our past mistakes but are now just packaging it better. Making it seem as if we can not live life without_ until that day comes, that we wished we hadn’t artificially created more intelligence that we could handle. When the last man stands then we will regret and see where we went wrong. Now we still have time to think, think and do better for we can change the outcome for our future in this one moment. Just think and dissolve the ignorance.

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